Free Your Inner Princess with Etude House

Free your inner princess with Etude House

In every woman there is a princess, they believe in the South Korean cosmetics brand Etude House. At Coos Shop we think the same way, which is why we are delighted to have the make-up and care products from Etude House in our range. You will be happy with the products of this brand! And that is exactly the intention: according to Etude House makeup should be fun, not a dull daily routine.

The Products of Etude House

All make-up products from Etude House meet four important characteristics: they are of high quality, they are affordable, they have a beautiful design and they are available in many different shades. Etude House encourages women to play and experiment with make-up: after all, it must be something fun, a small party for yourself. Etude House has a wide range with all kinds of cosmetic products for different purposes. At Coos Cosmetics we have the best selected products: eye make-up, contour sticks, lotions, masks and much more. Curious? Take a look at the Etude House products.

The history of Etude House

Etude House was founded in 1985 and has been around for more than thirty years. There are now more than a thousand Etude House stores. In 2014 the first global flagship store was opened in Shanghai. All Etude House stores are furnished as the perfect princess room, full of fairytale-like accessories and equipped with everything a girl dreams of. Customers are invited to try out make-up in the store and discover new things. An etude is a piece of music, and Etude House also deals with music, for example by helping artists on their way through sponsoring. For example, the brand has collaborated with the South Korean boyband SHINee.

Cosmetics with passion

Like most South Korean cosmetics, the products of Etude House are made with passion and a clear underlying vision: introducing women around the world and experimenting with make-up, and showing how much fun it can be to to make. The products are made with much love and care and quality is of paramount importance. Because of the cheerful appearance these products are fun to give as a gift to someone, but also as a gift for yourself! Your inner princess will thank you.


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