Innisfree Eco-Friendly and Natural Skincare

Innisfree Eco-Friendly and Natural Skincare

There is an old proverb which says that you have to suffer to be beautiful. Fortunately there are brands of beauty products with a different philosophy. Innisfree is a South Korean skincare and cosmetics brand that has a lot of eye for an ecological way of manufacturing beauty products. Innisfree therefore does everything it can to develop and maintain an environmentally friendly production process.

About Innisfree 

This South Korean cosmetic company established in 2000 stands out for its wide range of beauty and care products. . Innisfree aims to deliver benefit of nature promises via eco-friendly items. It offers everything your skin needs to look beautiful  and healthy.  For example, in the range of The Jeju Volcanic, Olive Real and Green Tea product line are very popular. 

What is the secret of Innisfree?

Innisfree stands for ecologically responsible and natural products. The ingredients of this brand are pure nature. This special line of beauty products is made with extracts of vegetables, fruits and minerals. For those who already have skin problems, Innisfree's products offer an efficient and at the same time natural solution. Ingredients such as green tea, seaweed, volcanic clay are cut to allow your skin to recover. That way your skin gets a healthy complexion in no time. The inhabitants of the South Korean island of Jeju have been using these natural products for generations. The island Jeju is known in Asia and far beyond for its volcanic and mineral rich underground. It is therefore no wonder that local residents, as the very first, discovered the virtues of this natural environment. Innisfree ensures that you can now also enjoy these well-kept secrets. 

Sustainability and fair trade practices of Innisfree

Coos Cosmetics is proud to be able to offer this brand to its customers. Innisfree is guaranteed for fair trade practices and for compliance with strict environmental standards. All products of this brand are manufactured in an animal-friendly way. In addition, as a brand, Innisfree promotes the further expansion of sustainable trade worldwide. Coos Cosmetics carry the same values ​​and standards and that is why this very natural brand belongs in the Coos Cosmetics range.



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