Thank You Farmer Korean skin care made with natural farm-grown ingredients

Thank You Farmer Korean skin care made with natural farm-grown ingredients 

The Korean skincare brand that uses natural farm-grown ingredients. Its cruelty-free brand does not promise miracles and magic spells .They know that there are no magic shortcuts and offer simple and quality products that gradually improve the condition of the skin. Thank You Farmer creates products that focus on real and honest ingredients that are free of paraben and sulphates. We have curated and selected the best products that helps improve your skin over time. 

Thank You Farmer Skin Miracle Age Line

The Thank You Farmer Toner is a concentrated, nourishing toner in a rich texture to comfort and smooth your skin that lacks oil and moisture. will help to restore healthy, youthful skin with clarity, transparency, wrinkles and resilience. Texture is smooth and milky to maximize of hydration.

The Thank You Farmer Miracle Age Repair Serum is a soft serum with a rich and nourishing texture that revives dull skin. The concentrated formula and rich texture provide a lifting effect and protect your skin. The star ingredients of the Miracle Age Repair Line are Ceramide-3, the oil from the seeds of the Argan Tree (Arganisa Spinosa Kernel oil) and Japanese Mountain Potato (Dioscorea Japonica). This deep concentrated nourishing serum that leaves your skin firm and plump. Wonderful for anti-aging and wrinkle care, and works fabulous with the rest of the Miracle Age line products.

The Miracle Age Repair Emulsion prevents aging and gives you a fresh look by soothing and firming your skin. This rich nourishing emulsion that adheres to skin in a pudding-like texture to leaves your skin full of vitality and smooth. This high-density emulsion contains Burdock Extract to help brighten and revive skin for a natural glow. Its star ingredient Peony extract provides protection against anti-aging free radicals while skin plumping ingredients restore firmness and smoothness to skin while providing long-lasting moisture to thirsty complexions.

Thank You Farmer products are paraben, sulfate and toxin-free and are also not tested on animals.  Focusing on quality ingredients rather than fancy titles and packaging, the brand offers 100% Korea-made products including the bestselling True Water Deep Cream and Miracle Age Repair Line.



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