About us

Hi! I’m Alice. The founder of Coos Cosmetics. Born in Tiel and raised in UK. I'm currently hurtling in my forties, trying to share a piece of my world. Did i mention i have an immense passion for skin care? 

During my 10 years time in Singapore, i was blessed with the opportunity to travel to many Asian countries. South-Korea particularly holds a special place in my heart.  I have tried countless skin care brands from worldwide but never had me this excited as experiencing Korean skin care products. South-Korea has been such an eye opener to me when it comes to beauty and still is until today.

From my own experience with Korean skincare made me a true believer in its benefits. To me, this means being involved in everything that makes a healthy skin. It is to introduce and curate high-quality skin care products from Asia, and make it easily accessible to The Netherlands and Belgium.

The biggest source for me of starting this webshop in 2015  is " my little lady boss ". My 3 year old daughter is my biggest fan, and I hope she will develop her passion as me one day.

I will definitely respond to your questions, feedback or even complaints.

Contact me or follow me on @cooscosmetics or Facebook

Alice xo