Benton Deep Green Tea Lotion

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Benton Deep Green Tea Lotion is a lightweight moisturiser that uses deeply brewed Green Tea grown in Boseong; the most famous tea producing area in Korea. The Green Tea Leaf Water and the EG-Green Tea Complex work to calm inflammations, heal blemishes as well as keep your skin balanced. Antioxidants from the Green Tea, together with antioxidants from Vitamin E, protect your skin and prevent premature signs of ageing. Benton Deep Green Tea Lotion improves your skin health, replenishes moisture and also keeps your skin clear.


Suited for all skin types. Highly recommended for oily and sensitive skin.


For best results, use after applying Benton Deep Green Tea Toner

This lotion has been dermatologically tested and proven to be non-irritating.


Green Tea Leaf Water & Extract – contains healing and antibacterial properties that heal blemishes, inflammations, scars and acne.

EG-Green Tea (Green Tea Leaf, Seed Oil, Root) – highly concentrated Green Tea Extracts that moisturise and soften your skin. Rich in antioxidants to protect the skin from free radical damage. Has healing and anti-inflammatory properties to clear acne and reduce skin inflammation.