Olivarrier Fluid Oil

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Olivarrier Fluid Oil contains 100% Squalane oil that strengthens the skin barrier and solves a multitude of skin-concerns. This product is a powerful weapon against excess of greasiness and bacteria which helps acne-prone skin. Its oil is lightweight  suitable for oily and combination skin that can be blended with serum to provide extra hydration and nourishment. For dry skin, irritated, or normal skin, you may want to supplement your routine in winter time of long haul flight to boost hydration and calm redness. antioxidant properties will prevent damage from free-radicals. This all-in-one oil is worth a try for even the most adamant oil-free-product-only users.

Suitable for all skin types but most suitable for oily and combination skin even for sensitive skin.



Cleanse then tone face. Use 2-3 drops alone or in tandem with your favorite serum/moisturizer and gently massage into skin. Follow with cream.




Olivarrier Fluid Oil-CoosCosmetics
Olivarrier Fluid Oil-CoosCosmetics