KLAVUU Korean Skin Care Safe and Gentle Treatment for Your Skin

KLAVUU Korean Skin Care Safe and Gentle Treatment for Your Skin

KLAVUU Korean Skin Care Safe and Gentle Treatment for Your Skin

KLAVUU (pronounced as “Kla-view) is a Korean brand that gained popularity around 2017. It is first marine pearl Kоrеаn Cosmetic brand that focuses the use of pearls in their products, as well as marine-based botanicals that will enrich, hydrate, and firm the skin, for the most radiant and glowing complexion.

All of Klavuu’s products contain the highest grade of pearls that is known for its brightening, hydrating and anti-aging effect. There are quite a few antioxidant players such as Pikea Robusta Extract, Lecithin, Pearl Extract, etc. Centella and Fucus Vesiculosus are anti-inflammatory ingredients. Ficus Carica, Algae, and Ceramide help moisturize. Klavuu contains No harmful ingredients. 

KLAVUU Pure Pearlsation Devine Cleansing Oil

The KLAVUU Pure  Divine Pearl Cleansing Oil is a smooth cleansing oil that removes impurities effectively without drying your skin. It acts as a makeup remover that completely dissolves all traces of dirt and even waterproof makeup. This oil cleanser cleanses your pores while pearl extracts work to brighten the skin. Safflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil and macadamia seed oil is for moisturizing and nourishing your skin. This makes a perfect firѕt ѕtер in уоur dоublе-сlеаnѕing routine. 

KLAVUU Pure Pearlsation Marine Collagen Micro Cleansing Water

KLAVUU Pure Pearlsation Marine Collagen Micro Cleansing Water cleanses thoroughly into the pores and remove all dirt and impurities. This fragrance and paraben-free cleansing water from Klavuu enriched with marine-collagen and fermented yeast, this product also promotes a youthful elasticity to the skin. Hydrolyzed pearl extracts hydrate, brighten and tone for a non-greasy, clean feel. A true cleansing water that deep cleans and leaves your skin with a dewy finish.

Klavuu Pearlsation Revitalizing Facial Cleansing Foam

Klavuu's Pearlsation revitalizing facial cleansing foam is an Award-winning cleanser that takes care of removing all remaining traces of makeup and residues. This creamy cleansing foam features over 30 natural plant extracts that unclog pores and dead skin cells. Its star ingredients include Pearl Extract brightens and provides anti-aging benefits and seaweed and algae extract boosts hydration.  Specially formulated for a clear, bright and smooth skin.

KLAVUU Special Pearl Glow Mask

KLAVUU Special Pearl Glow Mask is a powerful clay mask that clarifies, brightens and moisturizes the skin. A hydrating and detoxifying mask featuring nutrient-rich Korean pearl extract brightens skin for a more even complexion while bentonite clay clarify skin of impurities and reduce appearance of pores. Argan oil and algae extract nourish skin, while panthenol, squalane, sodium hyaluronate, and ceramide impart deep hydration.

KLAVUU Green Pearlsation Teatree Care Spot Corrector

KLAVUU Green Pearlsation Teatree Care Spot Corrector is a fast-acting spot treatment that reduces pigmented spots and blemishes. Formulated with extracts from Korean Pearl, Tea Tree and Green Light Complex, it soothes and calms breakouts, redness and inflammation. This concentrated gel textured spot cream formulated with extracts from pure pearl, tea tree and green light complex have soothing effects.

KLAVUU Green Pearlsation Tea Tree Care Mask

KLAVUU Green Pearlsation Tea Tree Care Mask is a powerful cotton sheet mask fights acne. It contains natural ingredients that kills blemish-causing bacteria as well as soothes skin that’s been irritated by acne. Korean pearl extract helps tone dull skin while seaweed extract conditions and reduces the appearance of large pores. This refreshing mask sheet soothes and controls skin from excessive sebum by tea tree and marine complex ingredients. It helps to detoxify, soothe and balance the skin for optimal skin health. 

At Coos Cosmetics we curate the best Korean skincare. If you like premium quality K-beauty brand then KLAVUU has to be your choice.

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