Korean Beauty: Everything you need to know

Korean Beauty: Everything you need to know

Korean beauty trends and products are taking the industry by storm.

Everyone is talking about it while others have become obsessed with the products. Besides, Korea has become the leading beauty hub and is producing thousands of quality cosmetics daily.

Most people here in the Netherlands have also discovered the gem in Korean skincare products. Some have even adopted the trendy 5 or 10 steps Korean skincare routine. This is a beauty trend that was started by Seoul skin-centric women. K-Beauty has been dominating the skin and beauty industries since the last couple of years and it won’t stop anytime soon.

Why Korean Beauty?

Koreans in general are engrossed with cute feminine qualities mostly on the face. Even men use the products just to maintain their pretty boy or androgynous face. It’s not uncommon to find well-groomed men wearing lotion or makeup to get a ‘chok-chok’ look. Women on the other hand feature this youthful, smooth, subtle, plump, and pearl glowing skin.

These feature has forced innovation of high standard Korean beauty products. Also, a ten-step routine has left many people around the world exasperated and intrigued. South Korea has been exporting cosmetic goods worth about $2 billion every year since 2015. According to Statista, the South Korean cosmetics industry is expected to grow by 4.3% in the year 2020-2023. Some of the products include serums, scrubs,  moisturizers, blemish balm creams, ampoules, essences, and face masks.

1. Unique ingredients

One of the main reasons why Korean beauty products are popular is because they contain ingredients of the highest grade that are unique such as Ginseng, Green Tea extracts, Hyaluronic Acid, Rice, Propolis, Centella Asiatica, and fermented organic ingredients.

Korean women have the highest percentage of cosmetic surgeries in the world. A study that was carried out in 2008 revealed that 20% of Koreans undergo cosmetic surgery. Korean women are always serious when it comes to their body image. Besides, their beauty culture has found its way into the job market. During the hiring process, companies are always concerned about the image of the employee. Other companies go as far as checking the family background and require a photo or height from applicants. Beauty in Korea is taken very seriously because it hassled to social-economic success.

2. Untamed innovation

The level of innovation that K-Beauty products go through is on another level and are created with Korean beauty philosophy in mind. Major companies are continuously developing and testing various perfect skin products. They combine both state of the art technology and old knowledge to come up with great skincare products. Because of the hard work and the money they are pouring into research, they have become the most loved cosmetic producers in the world. For example, you can find BB cream and sheet masks in almost all countries if not all today. Korean skincare products are very competitive, hence the industry keeps pushing for higher quality ingredients, innovative and affordable cosmetics. 

3. Long-term skin improvement

The majority of skincare products are optimized to serve you for a short while. But things are different when it comes to Korean skincare products. They focus on providing positive lifetime results. Korean beauty achieves the best long term results because it does not focus only on the outer layer but also on the inside. Other skincare products that only focus on the skin's outer layer targets only short term goals. But the K-Beauty concentrate on nourishing and hydrating the skin for a long-term healthy environment.

4. Organic Ingredients

If you are still wondering how K-Beauty has managed to conquer the world, then this is it. Korean cosmetics brands use modern and innovative technology. They are the innovation driver in the beauty industry. The skincare products are inspired by nature and environmental-friendly, using only natural and unique ingredients that are EWG verified. Exposure to chemicals can pose a threat to long term skin health. Clean and honest beauty the new trend. 

5. Affordable

You don't have to spend much when buying skincare products because K-beauty is affordable and high quality at the same time. You can stock up serums, sheet masks, face creams, essences and toners without making your wallet cry. Most people assume expensive products are the highest quality but K-beauty products offer the best of both worlds. 

6. Best value for your money

Korean skincare products emphasize on long term goals. The brands are strong believers that radiant skin complexion is built over a long period rather than overnight. So once you buy these products your skin will maintain a fresh healthy look over a long period.

7. Tech-driven

Tech is something that most people think cannot be associated with beauty. But this is where they go wrong, K-Beauty products are always improving because of the technological advancements in Korea. With innovative technology harnessing ancient traditions to achieve the best results.

8. Best for prevention

If you are very sensitive about your skin and want to prevent skin damage or wrinkles then you should give K-beauty products a chance. Korean skincare deliver amazing results and it also a beast when it comes to protection.

9. Self-love Korean women are big-time promoters of self-love.

This is why their products are engineered for fun use. So you will never see skincare as a chore if you start using these products. Instead, you will start seeing it as a way to provide your body and mind with much love and care.

10.Varieties and choices

The best thing about Korean skincare products is that they suit the need of almost everyone. But when it comes to types of products the choices are infinite, and many new formulas, cutting-edge Korean ingredients, that are highly effective for every skin type and concerns. It adds more fun and adventure in your skin care routine so you that are always looking forward to taking care of your skin.

Many western countries are loving Korean skincare techniques and products. If you are in search of Korean skincare in the Netherlands, We have a wide collection of K-beauty products handpicked by our beauty experts that you can explore. Some of the best-selling Korean skincare products in the Netherlands available on our store include:

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