An is born and raised in The Netherlands and currently working for reputable science based brand as marketing consultant, which helped her gained more knowledge about ingredients. Beauty has always been An’s passion. This was ingrained in her at an early age by her obsession with skincare and cosmetics. With a law degree in the pocket, a little voice tells An that becoming a lawyer is not her destiny, but following her passion for beauty that truly sparkles her interest. When An's mother passed away in 2016, she started actively blogging in It is her way of going through the painful days. It made her stronger and work even harder. She turned her expensive hobby into a profession by sharing reviews and experiences but discovered a whole new world in the skincare community which would result in opportunities to work with amazing brands and attend exciting meet-ups and events. Her incredible Instagram photos has earned several nominations for the best beauty flat lays and she is also known as "The Flatlay Queen". 

For An, I want to show everyone how I see the world through my eyes: how I create my pictures, my experience with the products I try but also helping others with finding solutions what will work best for them.