The Importance of 10-Step Skincare Routine: Each Step Explained!

The Importance of 10-Step Skincare Routine: Each Step Explained!

There is no instant fix to achieve a healthy and glowing skin. And in Korean beauty culture, it is the commitment and persistence of caring for your skin that gives you a healthier look. You might have heard that a 10-step skincare routine is a common practice in South Korea. But, do you know how each step matters? What special mission does each step carry and how much will it affect your complexion? Let's get yourself well-informed before deciding to skip any.

1. Oil-Based Cleansing

Extending your face cleansing process into two steps guarantees cleaner results more tenderly. Thus, your skin will be at a lower risk of getting its natural oil stripped off. You might not need to do it in the morning because there won't be much dirt on your skin by then. But after a long day, this step of cleansing will remove all the pollution debris and makeup residues off of your skin surface. I enjoy this process so much because I feel so cleansed and refreshed afterward.

2. Foam Cleansing

The wet foams remove finer impurities that still remain after the previous cleansing step. It digs deeper into your pores and cleanses them up more effectively. I recommend choosing a product with a gentle formula for this step because it will leave your skin feeling lightweight and renewed.

3. Occasional Exfoliation

Exfoliation will strip off the dead skin cells. But, be careful, as doing it too much will damage your skin instead. Depending on how strong your exfoliator is and how sensitive your skin is, you may do this step once every 1-7 days.

4. Toner

Toner plays a vital part in your skincare regime as it improves the absorption of every product you apply afterward. This step works by balancing the pH level of your skin and hydrating it. For me, toner makes me feel prepared and well-boosted for my skincare ritual.

5. Essence

Of all the skincare steps, the essence is most people's favorite as it benefits the skin in many ways. Essence brings massive hydration to your skin and pours your cells with enrichment. It is so much recharging and rejuvenating that leaves your skin supple right afterward.

6. Serum

The key purpose of serum is intense nourishment. It is the part that gives your skin a boost in quality and fixes all of your skin concerns. If you have no particular issues to settle, choose the anti-aging serum to retain your youthful look.

7. Masks

Your skin needs rest to better absorb all the beauty treatment, and it is the mask's job to make it happen. Be it the sheet mask or a wash-off one, a face mask is so comforting. It then floods your cells with hydration and nourishing agents as your skin relaxes.

8. Eye Cream

The under-eye area might be tiny, but it can impact your whole look. Unfortunately, the skin around here is so thin and fragile. That is why eye cream comes with a formula gentler than a common moisturizer. When applying your eye cream, try dabbing it with your finger as softly as possible to prevent irritation.

9. Moisturizer

A moisturizer will do more than just adding moisture to your skin. But, it will also lock those hydrating content inside your cells to your skin supple in the longer term. Some moisturizers also contain nourishing agents, but that shouldn’t be your main concern when choosing the product. The most important aspect is how effective it is in keeping the moisture in your skin.

10. Sunscreens

Sun damage is the culprit of most skin concerns and aging. Hence, all the beauty experts in the world would agree that shielding your face with sunscreen is the most crucial part of your skincare treatment. Even more than that, they recommend reapplying your sunscreen every three hours from dawn till dusk. Unfortunately, even the most powerful sunscreen will not completely protect you from sun damage. It is still necessary to avoid getting your skin exposed to direct sunlight.

Is It Necessary to Do All of These Steps?

The principle of Korean skincare culture is doing more treatment to achieve better results. So if you want a ceramic-looking complexion, make your time and effort for those ten. In Korean beauty culture, you may find many people do even more than just 10 steps. They add several other steps, such as eye serum, face mist, facial oil, soothing gel, ampoule, booster, and others more. However, if you need to cut your ritual short, the least you can do is a 5-step routine, which includes foam cleansing, toner, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen. These are essential to prevent your skin from deteriorating prematurely.

Final Thoughts

The more effort you put in, the better. Furthermore, keep healthy lifestyles such as eating clean, exercising, and avoiding too much sun exposure. Adopt these tips as a habit, and you will see how your complexion stays glowing as you age.


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