Just as skin can be vulnerable and require special care - so can our planet. This is why we are thoughtful about the choices we make. From choosing ethically sourced ingredients to the best eco-friendly packaging solutions. We promise to continue doing our part, learning and evolving, as we continue this journey together!

Our Eco-friendly properties

Biodegradable -When exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes, the packaging/product breaks down to natural elements found in nature.

Alternative ink- Inks are used to print images onto packaging using either the flexographic, lithographic or offset printing methods. We uses inks that use base made of soy or vegetable oil, rather than petroleum. 

Water-based inks dry and evaporate naturally, requiring no extra energy to do so.

Vegan-No animals were harmed in the making of this packaging. Our definition of vegan products are products that have no materials derived from animals or animal products. The production processes of these materials also use no animal products. 

Clear Air Policy- Manufacturers that remove toxins and pollutants from the air used during the manufacturing process.  The clean air policy means that these products are made in a facility that meets or exceeds the requirements outlined in the EU’s Clean Air Programme.

Local/EU manufacturers-Centrally located or multiple manufacturers, meaning freight emissions and transit costs are cut.

Sustainable manufacturer- Created in a factory that sources it’s energy from renewable sources.Natural energy resources tag are produced in a factory that generates power using renewable sources such as hydroelectric, solar and wind.

Recyclable- Recyclable products may be mixed with other recycled materials or virgin material to be turned into a new product.

Reusable-Reusable products can be used multiple times for the same purpose that they were originally designed for, or for a completely different purpose. A box may be used to send a faulty product back to the seller with some extra tape, or the final customer may also use it for another purpose, such as storage or creative purposes.