Get to know Whamisa Organic Korean Skincare brand

Get to know Whamisa Organic Korean Skincare brand


Whamisa is a Korean skincare brand that prides itself on using only ingredients derived from nature or ingredients extracted through natural fermentation methods and known for its waterless approach. Focusing on preserving the benefits of natural ingredients, Whamisa has spent more than 10 years of dedicated research to perfect its natural, organic skincare products.


Over more than a decade of research and development, Whamisa has pioneered its signature skincare fermentation technology and botanical formulations. The brand’s unique fermentation method combines natural raw materials with Lactobacillus - a type of probiotic - in two stages to minimize the destruction of nutrients and break them down into smaller particles so that they can be easily absorbed into the skin.


Sincerity is at the core of the Whamisa brand. Just like food that’s made with a mother’s love, Whamisa believes in making its skincare products with heart. Whamisa’s beauty products are made using four main ingredients obtained from nature: flowers, fruits, seeds, and roots. These natural ingredients help to improve your complexion, giving you smooth and beautiful skin over time. Using only plant extracts and without testing on animals, Whamisa’s skincare products are vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

What It Does


A beauty trend in recent years, fermented skincare products are used for their anti-inflammatory and skin-calming effects. They contain ingredients like lactic acid, probiotics and Galactomyces, which are microorganisms that break down natural ingredients to secrete enzymes, making the natural ingredients in skincare products more effective. Whamisa’s fermented products penetrate nutrients deep into the skin and help strengthen the moisture barrier to keep your skin moisturized.

Age groups

As your skin gets thinner and drier with age, fermented skincare products are most suitable for users at the age of 25 and above. The fermented natural ingredients strengthen the skin’s bacterial flora and barrier function, boosting the skin’s thickness and moisture in the outermost layer.

Skin types

Though suitable for all skin types, Whamisa’s fermented skincare products are best used for dry/dehydrated skin as the nutritious properties nourish and moisturize dull skin, giving your complexion a firm and dewy appearance. While fermented products are sensitive skin-friendly, those with sensitive skin should do a patch test before application.

Whamisa Bestsellers

Whamisa Organic Flowers Foam Cleansing Cream is a mild cleanser that unclogs pores and deeply cleanses your skin. This anti-irritation and anti-drying cleanser removes make-up and dirt. Formulated with fermented Aloe Vera, Chrysanthemum and Green Tea extracts, this cleansing cream also removes excess sebum. Shea butter and olive oil keep the skin moisturised. Many of the nourishing ingredients are carefully fermented in the WHAMISA signature fermentation technology, making them even more effective and particularly skin-friendly.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner Deep Rich is the go-to toner for dewy, glowy skin. It is highly concentrated to deliver intensive moisture and freshness. The essence-like texture is particularly pleasant, making it perfect for the 7-skin-method. It’s formulated with fermented organic botanical extracts to nourish and moisturize dull skin. Suitable for all skin types, this deep rich toner boosts hydration. It contains Oat Kernel, Dandelion Oil, Aloe Vera, Argan Oil and Chrysanthemum extracts all known for their moisturising and nutritious properties.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Nourishing Cream is an luxurious anti-aging cream that absorbs quickly into the skin. Containing citrus and fruit oils rich in antioxidants, this nourishing cream protects against free radicals and premature skin aging. High-quality and moisturizing ingredients such as mango, avocado, cocoa and shea butter ensure that the skin receives long-lasting nourishment and protection without leaving oily residue. Chili seeds give a rosy complexion. Many of the nutrient-rich ingredients are carefully fermented in the signature fermentation technology, making them even more effective and particularly skin-friendly.

Final thoughts

If you prefer cruelty-free skincare products made with organic plant and seed extracts, Whamisa is the brand for you. Not only are the products vegan-friendly, Whamisa’s fermentation technology breaks down these nutrient-rich ingredients so that they can be absorbed by your skin easily. Organic alcohol is used in the formulation of the products to keep them anti-drying for your skin. Whamisa’s cleansers, toners and nourishing cream will keep your face clean, hydrated and supple, giving you that clear, dewy complexion you desire.

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