How to Age Well and Gracefully by Alice Yip

How to Age Well and Gracefully by Alice Yip

Hello, everyone!

Many people asked me what brands of skincare I use to maintain my young-looking complexion at the age of 46. The answer is that there is no one specific skincare product that fits everyone. Each person is unique and requires a different approach. But if you need some tips on how to age well and gracefully, then here are some of my secrets:

First Thing First; Have A Skincare Routine

There is no such thing as instant beauty. If you want to stay flawless regardless of your age, commit yourself to a complete ritual of self-care from as young as possible. Personally, I rarely skip my skincare routine and if I do feel lazy and tired, I double cleanse, apply sheet mask and just use moisturizer. It is what I think we need to adopt in our lifestyle if you want to maintain a healthy complexion. I will share my complete morning skincare routine on my next blog post, so stay tuned!

And yes, my must-do is the double-cleansing. Many people are underestimating the importance of washing your face twice. But in K-beauty, it is the most gentle way to eliminate impurities from your skin without damaging its natural barrier. I also want to emphasize that a sheet mask is also essential, especially the hydrating one. It floods your skin with hydration and much-needed nutrition in the form of essences. Put on your sheet mask every night just right before you sleep, so it can boost the process of your skin regeneration. 

And as for the sunscreen, I always choose the SPF50.  Instead of just my face, I apply sunscreen on my neck and to all parts of the body that gets a lot of sun exposure. It is also important to reapply at least every two hours. SPF should be applied every day to exposed skin, and not just if you are going to be in the sun but indoors as well.

Next is…What I Eat and Drink

I don't have a strict diet. I eat smaller, more frequent meals and less oily food. Drinking a big glass of warm water with quarter of fresh lime or lemon every morning has been my daily habit. Do it while your stomach is still empty, and wait at least 30min before having breakfast. All these years, this simple routine helps me to detox my body every morning. I do spoil myself with sweets and comfort food either Saturday or Sunday. I only drink warm water, tea few times a week and occasionally coffee and wine.

Then, A Sleeping Beauty Routine

I almost sleep at around 9pm every night unless I need to get some work done. It is one of the keys to how to age well and gracefully. Your skin cells regenerate every night while you are sleeping. This process can only be optimal if you sleep nicely.

Last…Absorbing and Creating Positive Vibes

Your mood impacts your hormones, and they impact the quality of your skin cells. Thus, keeping up positive vibes is essential to maintain your flawless beauty. There are many ways you can do to stay positive. But for me, my daughter of 6 keeps me busy and young in heart.  We do activities together, I cycle everyday and pick her up from school with my bike. I love to watch shows that are light, easy and fun.

It is also helpful to surround myself with positive people because we tend to absorb the energy from people around us. Negative vibes can easily drain you out, making your heart feel old and dull. Another tip to keep up the positive vibes is by having a sense of humor. A good laugh can really delay a wrinkle to form. It also radiates your natural beauty even more. There is no perfect life as we don't live in a perfect world, just keep smiling. 

The principle of ageing gracefully is to treat your skin as a blessing. It is a valuable asset you need to embrace and take good care of as proof of your love towards yourself. Pay attention to it, understand what it needs, and be gentle about it. 



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