Hyggee Korean Products And Their Benefits

Hyggee Korean Products And Their Benefits

Hyggee is inspired by the Danish word for happiness, This brand creates truly multi-tasking products by combining several skincare steps into innovative products. Its philosophy is "less is more."

Often the Korean skincare routine consists of 8 to 10 steps that could be time -consuming for people with a busy life. Hyggee is designed to reduce the skincare routine steps as the routine is completed in 4 steps instead of 10. Today we are introducing some of its ingredients and what it does to your skin. Let's have a look at the best ingredients which are used in Hyggee’s All-in-one skincare. 

Hyggee's signature ingredients:

Finnish birch water. The famous skincare brand uses the Finnish birch tree, which contains high levels of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, birch juice is perfect as a skincare ingredient to infuse these nutrients for healthier skinThe birch juice gets absorbed into the skin immediately for a long- lasting hydration.

Lactic Acid Fermentation. The All-in-one skincare products contains multiple lactic Acid Fermentation includes Streptococcus thermophilus, Bifida ferment filtrate, Lactobacillus, Lactococcus Ferment Lysate. The live and breath Lactic Acid fermentations are used to re-energize the skin and to help retain moisture. If you have dry skin, makeup may go on unevenly and look flaky. Hyggee skincare uses these active breathing ingredients and hydrating nutrients to keep your makeup from looking cracked or flaky.

Natural moisturizing ingredients. Hyggee has chosen some natural moisturizing factors, which are Ceramide 3, Arginine, phytosterols, phospholipid, and caprylic and capric triglyceride. The skin moisture and elasticity gets weak as we age. It is important to protect the moisture balance. These natural moisturizing factors are known as NMF that occur naturally in the skin and can be delivered topically to treat xerotic, dry and dehydrated skin. NMH have the potential to take care of your skin and keep it moisturized, healthy, and smooth.

Benefits Hyggee Korean skincare

Its products provide significant benefits to an individual to produce skin-sensitive products. Hyggee products are free from harmful ingredients and with most advantages that is gentle and hydrating. It’s a lifesaver for aged skin that helps to restore and maintain the skin barrier. The products are easy to use with very effective results ideal for dehydrated, dry, combination and oily skin.

Simplicity and yet effective

Hyggee All-in-one Korean skincare is capable of improving appearance as it is made of natural and active ingredients that helps to reduce the steps of skincare routine and can be completed quickly. The brand offers multi-tasking products made with high-quality and powerful ingredients to simplify the skin care routine for noticeable results. 

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