Mixsoon Minimalist K-beauty Brand Using Singular Ingredient

Mixsoon Minimalist K-beauty Brand Using Singular Ingredient

Mixsoon is a minimalist K-beauty brand headquartered in Seoul. It deals with Korean vegan skincare, whereby they produce products using pure singular ingredients rather than combining multiple ingredients in small quantities. Mixsoon has unlocked endless opportunities by producing some of the most potent products in the industry. In this article, we shall look at everything you need to know about the Mixsoon brand.Β 

Mixsoon brand philosophy

Clean beauty- Mixsoon uses cruelty-free ingredients. This means they exclude any animal materials or testing that may harm animals. In addition, they are continuously developing ecofriendly packaging material.

Vegan- All Mixsoon ingredients are made from organic plant extracts. Vegan products have proven to be highly effective when it comes to skincare.

Minimalism- Mixsoon allows people to choose a product based on their skin conditions. They believe an ingredient is more effective in its most potent form.

Good cause- The Mixsoon brand carries good cause campaigns from time to time. So far, they have run a campaign for endangered polar bears. They designed packaging for a serum to educate people about polar bears. The money they made from this campaign was donated to "Friends of the Earth ''. Another notable campaign is for autism artists. Mixsoon became an official sponsor for artists with an autism art program

Science-backed ingredients- Mixsoon conducts intensive research before they settle for a plant extract. They must ensure the plant extract is highly beneficial to the skin and has minimal or no side effects.

Different use-cases for the Mixsoon brand

You can use the products from the Mixsoon brand in various ways thanks to its 100% purity. First, you can use it for daily skincare. Start by cleansing the skin, then apply an appropriate amount of Mixsoon evenly

The second method is that you can use to complement the basic skincare products. If you have an existing skincare routine, you are supposed to mix Mixsoon with other products at a ratio of 10:1. This helps to add more natural and powerful ingredients to the routine.

Another way to use Mixsoon skin care products is as intensive mask care. Use a cotton pad to apply its Essence to the skin and remove it after 10 minutes. Lastly, you can use it as a mist-care. The compounds found in the Mixsoon plant extracts are good for moisturizing, protecting, and healing skin conditions.

How Mixsoon Creates Pure Ingredients

Creating pure ingredients starts from the root, which is growing the plants. Mixsoon does not just pick any ingredients from the market. They have their own farm on Jeju Island, where they get the raw materials. They ensure no chemicals are used by taking care of their own plants.

Once the plants are harvested, they pass through an optimal extraction process which consists of low temperatures and high frequencies. Mixsoon can preserve all the vital ingredients from the plants by extracting the ingredients using low temperatures. High temperatures can destroy effective ingredients or release harmful ingredients. The extraction process is slow but highly effective to your skin type and concerns.

Why we love Mixsoon?

The brand uses 100% singular ingredient products. They extract the ingredients from handpicked natural plants and herbs. All of which are scientifically proven to protect, heal or nourish the skin. While this is effective, the skin gets exactly what it needs by harnessing the full potential of a single product.Β 

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