Choosing The Right Moisturizer For Your Skin Type

Choosing The Right Moisturizer For Your Skin Type

Choosing a moisturizer may seem easy, but there are many factors to consider. Most people think they can pick anything labeled moisturizer, and they're good to go. What they don't know is that moisturizers are usually customized depending on the needs of a specific skin type. Besides, too many options are available, making it more difficult to pick the right product. This article will make it easy for you by recommending scientifically-backed products for each skin type. 

Dry skin

A number of people, especially the adult population, have dry skin. It is caused by a lack of enough moisture and oils to maintain it in the skin. This is why people with dry skin should use cream-based moisturizers. Moisturizers with a creamy texture contain emollients and occlusives. They both create a barrier on the skin surface that seals in moisture. When choosing a moisturizer for dry skin, make sure it contains any of these two moisturizing agents or both. 

Natural Recommended moisturizer: Hyggee All In one cream 


Oily Skin

Having an oily doesn't mean that the skin is hydrated. It just means that your skin is producing a lot of sebum, making it to be greasy. You still need to moisturize oily skin as the surrounding areas can be dehydrated. A good skincare routine for oily skin not only needs to address sebum production but also hydration too. 

Oily skin types need a moisturizer that doesn't feel light on the skin and provides adequate hydration. For instance, you can look for water-soluble ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are classified as humectants as they attract water molecules from the atmosphere to keep the skin hydrated. 

Gel-based moisturizer Recommended: Klairs Fundamental Water Gel Cream 


Combination Skin  

Combination or normal skin means you have both dry and oily spots on different areas of your skin. So you should be careful about the type of moisturizer that you choose. Using a too rich product may feel heavier or even make some parts of your skin worse. However, some products can control excess oil production while providing enough moisture for the dyer parts of the skin. The T-zone is the most affected region by excess oil production, acne, and blackheads. This is why it's important to choose a product that will take care of your T-zone while regulating sebum production. 

Recommended product:  d'Alba Piedmont No Sebum Repair Cream or Benton Aloe Hyaluron Cream 

Acne-prone and Sensitive 

Acne-prone and sensitive skin requires extra attention. The fewer ingredients it contains, the fewer the chances it has to irritate your skin. For this reason, it's important to choose a minimalistic moisturizer. Sensitive and acne-prone skin should look for moisturizers that provide a calming and soothing effect. For instance, Centella (Cica) and Chamomile are common ingredients that provide a calming and soothing effect for sensitive skin. 

Recommended product: Hyggee Relief Chamomile Cream and Keenoniks Wonder Remedy

Final Thoughts

Most people don't pay attention while choosing a moisturizer for their skin. Most think anything that hydrates the skin is good to go. Different skin types require moisturizers formulated with specific ingredients. All the products we have recommended in this article are scientifically backed with facts to work on the skin types mentioned. 

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