The Korean Skincare Routine

The Korean Skincare Routine

The Korean skincare routine

We no longer have to explain to you that it is important to take good care of your skin. There are different ways to care for your skin and each of these techniques has a certain routine. After all, you only get the best results if you follow the same routine over and over again. In this article we pay attention to the Korean skincare routine.

Why choose the Korean skincare routine?

At Coos Cosmetics we pay a lot of attention to Korean skincare products. That is why it is only logical that we pay attention to the Korean skincare routine. This way you can achieve the best results from the use Korean skincare products.

The Korean skincare routine in 10 steps

Of course, your daily skin care is part of your daily routine and you have often developed your own rituals for it. It is important that you work in layers. How you can do this with the help of the Korean skincare routine, we now explain in 10 steps.

1) Remove make-up and cleanse your skin with an oil-based cleaning product

In order to properly take care of your skin it is necessary to first remove all impurities. This can range from make-up and dirt to particulate matter from the environment. A cotton pad with cleansing product can work wonders to remove eye make-up and eyeliner. These are products that are difficult to remove and more than once women wake up with make-up remnants on their pillows, although they have washed their faces. If you use an oil-based cleaning product, you will not get it over again! You can simply apply this product to your face to loosen the make-up. Afterwards you use lukewarm water to rinse off all the remains.

2) Cleansing Foam

Now you start the double cleansing of your face. You do this with a cleansing product for the skin with cleansing foam. This way you can remove any leftover oil from your face and make the last impurities disappear.

3) Exfoliate

To obtain a smooth skin, exfoliation is of crucial importance. All dead skin cells are removed using this technique. This gives you the other skin care products the ability to work on the pores of your skin. Exfoliate is done twice a week with an exfoliant. This product can gently massage into your skin or dab it on your skin. This will make your skin nice and soft and smooth.

4) Toner

Now it's time to prepare your skin with a toner. You can either sprinkle this product on your hands and apply it by hand or you can apply it with a cotton pad and dab it on your skin. Toner is a product that helps you keep the pH of your skin in balance. Your skin is so slightly moistened and prepared to include the following skin care products. Your skin is just like a sponge. If it is a bit wet, it also absorbs better.

5) Essence

Essence is a product that can only be found in the wide range of Korean skincare products. In fact, essence is the heart of Korean skin care. The goal of Essence is twofold: on the one hand it is a serum, on the other hand it is also a kind of toner. This product helps to hydrate and repair the skin. You can apply it directly to your skin after the toner. You just do this by hand.

6) Serums, boosters and ampoules

Now it's time for products to treat your skin. You can consider serums, boosters and ampoules as a concentrated form of essence. You use these products in the same way. The secret is in the way of dabbing. These products can handle any skin problem. This way you get clear skin with finer pores. Pigment stains, acne and wrinkles disappear. This is the step where your skin is perfected.

7) Sheetmask

Essence is the heart of Korean skincare. Sheetmasks can best be described as the soul. Applying a sheetmask is a quiet, meditative moment that nourishes the skin. This way your skin is treated as much as possible while you rest for 15 to 20 minutes. You look a bit like a damp ghost. This is a great time to take a selfie! You can apply this treatment once or twice a week but Asians prefer to use on daily basis. You can also take on the challenge to keep it going for an entire week.

8) Eye cream or Eye Serum

The skin around your eyes is the most delicate piece of skin on your entire face. You could compare it to a fragile flower that can use some extra hydration. You bring eye cream best with your little finger.

9) Moisturizing cream

If you want a radiant and soft skin, hydration is the message. It is therefore crucial to find a moisturizing cream that fits your skin. This product exists in so many kinds of so many forms that there is certainly one suitable for your skin. A moisturizing product is best applied to your face and neck in both morning and evening.

10) Sun Protection Factor ( SPF)

Even if you just go outside, you do well to protect your skin from the sun with a sun block. This way you protect your skin not only against sunburn but also against premature aging. It is important that you do not just apply this product in the morning when you go out the door. You do well to continue to apply a product such as a sunscreen or sunscreen throughout the day when needed. It is important to apply this product last. This way it can not be mixed with all other products that you previously applied. This is important, because otherwise you run the risk that the sun lotion loses its effect because it is diluted by the other products.Β 

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