The New K-Beauty Trend That You Should Know

The New K-Beauty Trend That You Should Know

There is no doubt that K-beauty has one of the best skincare standards in the world. From natural ingredients to traditional herbs, the trends are always about enriching the skin and protecting it for long lasting results. This article will look at the new K-beauty trends that you should know.

1. Vegan / Plant Ingredients

The fact that you can use vegan products only for your skincare needs is mind-blowing. Vegan ingredients have proven to be very effective. Not only are the plant-based ingredients good for the skin, but they act as the animal's advocate. More brands are switching to all-natural ingredients plus packaging to join the trend. Vegan-based ingredients rely on natural plant extracts which helps them to be very effective. The plants are rich invitamins, minerals, and antibacterial and antioxidant ingredients that the skin requires.

2. Fermented Ingredients

Fermentation is a process that is used to preserve certain foods naturally. It was widely used thousands of years before the fridge was invented. Although this custom is barely practiced nowadays, experts still recommend the uptake of fermented food to boost the production of healthy bacteria.

Experts recently revealed that fermented ingredients help to boost the skin's overall health. The benefits depend on the type of fermented ingredient. For instance, most of these ingredients provide the following benefits.

Strengthens skin barrier
Balances the skin pH
It helps the skin to retain moisture
It inhibits the growth of toxins and pathogenic bacteria.

3. Vitamin C (Yucca)

The world is still recovering from Covid 19. This means the masks are still part of us for the unforeseeable feature. Brands have been looking for a way to make skincare more efficacy especially after wearing a mask the whole day. There is no better way to nourish the skin than with vitamin C from a Yucca plant.

This year we are going to see more various products made from Yucca. Its root has been used traditionally for its antiseptic and cleansing properties. It's rich in vitamin C, which means that it protects the skin from damaging free radicals.

4. Sustainability

The latest Korean beauty that will blow up this year is sustainability. It is all about using skincare products that are safe for the environment. When we use ingredients produced from renewable sources, we are taking care of the next generation. K-beauty has always been the leading skincare with sustainable.

5. Vitamin A (Carrot seed oil)

Vitamin A offers immense benefits to the skin. For example, it supports natural moisturizing that gives a radiant glow. Additionally, Vitamin A supports the skin immune system, which helps speed up healing. It also features antibacterial and antifungal properties that help skin conditions like eczema. Products rich in vitamin A will be very popular in 2022 and beyond. Carrot seed oil is the ideal candidate to provide the skin with the required amount of Vitamin A.

6. Minimalist beauty

Our body is designed to uptake only a small amount of nourishment. No matter how much nourishment you feed the skin, it will only consume the needed amount. The rest will end up not being used and will go to waste. This year we will see many Korean cosmetics brands applying the minimalistic philosophy. Feeding the skin the right amount of nourishment cuts costs andgives its space to use the acquired nutrients.

7. Multifunctional products

The multistep routines are very effective, but they consume a lot of time. Multifunctional products help to save time and cut costs at the same time. Industry experts have tipped the products that simplify routines to perform well this year.

Final Thoughts

New K-beauty trends emerge every year to help improve the skin's health. This year it will be all about simplicity and sustainability. The brands are in a race to create products that are effective and environmentally friendly at the same time. It's always important to know the new trends in the industry.

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