I'm Anja and I live in Belgium. I work as an accountant in the beautiful city of Ghent, but I also have a degree as a Beautician. I got into skincare from a young age after having hormonal acne and blemishes ever since I hit puberty. I struggled and it made me very self-conscious. At first, I tried to cover up the spots and scars with makeup. I then decided to tackle the root of the problem and Korean beauty feels like my first love. I immediately noticed great results and since then I developed a strong interest in skincare. I got to know my skin a lot better due to trial and error.  On my Instagram @anjabullet I share my honest reviews, my looks, life, and journey with the online community. I am not shy about showing my real skin even when it's in a bad state. I figured it would help my followers to know that they aren't alone. I think it's really important to take care of your mind as acne is a skin condition that may effect your self-esteem. I am focusing more on clean and sustainable skincare and beauty lately as I try to be a little more ecological, but it's a work in progress!

  • Age Late 20's
  • Skin Type Combination/Sensitive
  • Skin Concerns: Redness, acne blemishes, acne scars and uneven texture
  • Favourite K-Beauty products from COOS COSMETICS By Wishtrend Propolis 15% Ampoule, Benton Aloe BHA Toner, Isntree Green Tea Fresh Toner, I'm From Mugwort Essence and the Urang Brightening Blue Serum
  • Favourite skincare steps Toner and Serum