Anna Maria

I am a single mother and an English teacher from Poland. I started my Korean skincare journey during the COVID-19 Pandemic while being a new mom. Despite my new role in life and changes, I find it very important to take good care of myself. To self-care, I found myself a rather pleasant hobby: skincare.

In order to be a good and loving mother, maintaining my own mental health-being is the key to my child’s physical and mental wellbeing. To me, skincare is self-love and it helps me to remember that I am a person too. My 3 years old son has learned the importance of moisturizing his body after a bath and that applying sunscreen is essential when we go out.

I have troubled skin since young. For 20 years, I've experienced pimples and acne on my face that appear and disappear on their own without treating it. I did not do much with skincare until 3 years go I got into K-beauty. Korean skincare helped me treat my acne problems and maintain a younger and healthier looking skin.

With passion for language and skincare, I began to create my own contents on Instagram that include reviews of the products I have tried. I take simple pictures and make videos and I very much enjoy doing it.

For Anna, self-care is about making sure your physical, emotional, and social needs are being met. It’s about taking care of my whole self and setting aside time for a relaxation. Skincare= self-love.

  • Age : Early 30's
  • Skin Type Oily
  • Skin Concerns: Acne-prone
  • Favourite K-Beauty products from COOS COSMETICS Vegreen Cica Serum
  • Favourite skincare step Cleansing