50 years old living in Brussels, Dominique has a strong interest in Asian culture when he was a kid that came from Japanese animations, which was a huge thing in the 80's. Dominique was fascinated by Japanese skincare brand such as Shiseido was rapidly growing market in the 90's with a strong vision of having pearl fair skin. He wanted to know more about how to achieve a younger and flawless skin.

For Dominique, starting  and @atrecherche is a way to express his love for fragrances and skincare, share his journey, and get to know like-minded skincare fanatics in the community. What Dominique really aims to do on his platforms is to provide helpful information and recommendations to everyone, regardless of their budget. Being honest without fear of offending any brands is really important to him.

In his younger days, his thoughts on beauty was how to stay really, ridiculously looking young ( probably forever). But mindset has changed, he grew more confident and he enjoys the process. The new definition of beauty is more about well-being and healthy-looking skin than having a flawless, wrinkle-free skin.

For Dominique, Skincare is about having moment for himself, a form of self-care and self-confidence. As a blogger and a reader of blogs, it is a way of enhancing knowledge while being able to help each other. Beauty should be accessible to all, everyone should able to afford skincare that works for them.