I was born and raised in a small village in East-Belgium. I have studied my Master’s Degree in Economical Engineering in Belgium and went on to pursuit my Bachelor’s degree Interior Architect in Siena, Italy.  I have spend another 2 wonderful years living in the Southern part of Italy after graduating, before I returned to Belgium.

I am a teacher and I teach mathematics at high school but started suffering from chronic pains when I passed 40. It was a very long journey to find the root cause of my pain in order to get the right diagnosis so that can do my job well. Unfortunately, the quality of my life suffered along with my physical conditioning and I wasn’t able to work for 6 years. 

It was difficult times staying home feeling ill and miserable, especially when I have always been an active woman my whole life. I had many interests with a never too old to learn attitude. I had to find ways to get through it and skincare helped me through those hard times! With my background in Chemistry, I started studying ingredients to have a better understanding how main ingredients could help improve different skin concerns. I was intrigued to help both of my daughters with their severe acne after many consultations with dermatologists that did not work at all. I have seen major improvement and not only their skin condition has improved rapidly but it helped my daughters to restore their confidence. 

Belgium was a completely different beauty market back in the days. There was limited access to International beauty brands from UK, US and Asia. Formulas which were found here were really complicated, large factories developed skincare and mostly sold in pharmacies. I was eager to find alternatives that could satisfy my expectations. That’s when K-beauty came into my life, with Centella products and elegant formulas with plant-based ingredients.

Before, I suffered from severe Rosacea and K-beauty has helped me transform my skin into a healthier looking skin. I started sharing reviews and experiences and discovered lots of like-minded people in the skincare community. I share my beauty experiences and my journey through my blog and Instagram. I dream of making it my profession but at the moment it still is a hobby!

I really love being an independent reviewer, being honest in communicating with the community about my experiences, realising that all skins differ.