I was born in Argentina and I am currently living in Germany, where I am studying Art & Media for a Masters degree. What fueled my interest in skincare was that I had acne in my teenage years. I tried almost everything, from dermatologist-recommended products to skincare fads and nothing works. Not knowing what I was doing, trying different remedies was too exhausting. I fell into the believe that cleansing and stripping my face from its natural oils would clear my acne away, but it was damaging my skin even more. 

Since I love to watch YouTube, I noticed the Korean beauty trends have grown in popularity worldwide. Most of K-beauty brands are focused on creating skin-friendly products that are calming, soothing and suitable for my sensitive skin. It is quite the opposite of what I have been using before. Korean beauty captured my attention and I started to learn and educate myself about the ingredients that works for my skin type and concerns, and just how our skin and products generally work. I enjoy watching creators on Social Media sharing their skincare routine and reviews. It intrigued me and definitely piqued my interest to start my own Instagram page where I can combine my passion for photography and skincare to share my thoughts and experience with the community.

Skincare has become a self-care time for me, where I am not trying to fix a problem, but to accept, embrace and enjoy the skin I’m in. A perfect skin doesn’t exist but it can still be beautiful.