I’m Nadine and I’m from Germany. My main job is to make the world a little sweeter as I work for one of the largest confectionery manufacturer in Germany.

I did not have the perfect skin when I was young and it put a lot of strain on my skin. My love for skincare started in my late 20's. After trying numerous of products, I began searching for the perfect skin care and body care and I came across Korean skincare in 2020 which caught my immediate attention. 

I fell in love with K-beauty right after using the 10-Steps Korean Skincare Routine. The products are mild yet effective and I enjoy taking care of my skin especially seeing great results by being consistent with my daily skin care routine.

My passion is also photography, it evolves creativity that come forth from my heart. I combine my love for skin care & photography and share this with like-minded people. I care a lot about authenticity and high quality contents which can be found on my Instagram profile. You can feel my love for great skin care textures in my images, because in addition to the effectiveness and a great formulation, the texture of a product is essential to me.

For me, Korean beauty are so much more than just skin care, it is a way of life and the perfect way to healthy and beautiful skin.

Age: 34
Skin Type: Combination and sometimes sensitive
Skin Concerns: Wrinkles, Dark Spots, large Pores
Favorite K-Beauty products from COOS Cosmetics: Beigic Replenishing Body Oil, Bidalli Tone Up Serum, TIA‘M Vita B3 Source Serum
Favourite skincare steps: I like the full routine but most of all creamy face masks