Sara is from Italy. She just graduated and holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Currently studying for her Master's degree. Her interest is East Asian Culture and she loves Asian food and of course Asian skincare. Currently, Sara is working full time and lives in Valtellina, loving every minute of it. The beautiful valley is located in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, bordering Switzerland. She suffered from severe acne at young age that has left her with acne scars and hyperpigmentation. This has affected how she sees herself and made her less confident back then. She knows that the real solution is to accept herself, first. Sara started her skincare journey in 2018 and was eager to improve her skin condition by trying K-beauty products, learning about certain products and ingredients. It was surprising how quickly she sees the improvement on her skin, and began to share her experiences with like-minded fellows on Instagram. 

Sara: I came across K-beauty in 2018 and I've immediately seen the improvements and the change on my skin. I was so impressed by the effectiveness and I can't be more than happy to have discovered Coos Cosmetics during my search and I got very excited! Finally no duties, no long wait, reasonably priced and very fast delivery, and their costumers service is one of best I've ever experienced.  

For Sara, Skincare should be fun, it should not feel reluctant. She understands that achieving great results requires time and consistency but you can also enjoy the journey.