7 Reasons to Include Vitamin C on Your Skincare Routine

7 Reasons to Include Vitamin C on Your Skincare Routine

You might have understood how vital vitamin C is to our body health, but do you know what this nutrient can do to our skin?

Lately, we can see how vitamin C is getting popular in skincare products, especially on the anti-aging series. At this point, you might be wondering whether you should jump the hype train and give this substance a try on your skincare routine. To help you consider, here are the advantages of vitamin C that make it beneficial to your complexion.

1. Safe to Use

Unlike most other active ingredients, adverse reactions from Vitamin C application on the skin are unlikely. Even if you have sensitive skin, this active skincare ingredient can be your safe zone to use for a long duration. Of course, it may still require some precautions if you want to combine it with other skincare ingredients. But at least, you wouldn't need to worry much about the risks it may bring.

2. Fades Hyperpigmentation

Overproduction of melanin on specific skin areas is what causes hyperpigmentation. The trigger can either be sun damage, hormonal, acne, or wounds. Fortunately, hyperpigmentation is not the end of the world. Anyone struggling with dark spots, melasma, and such things, can count on Vitamin C to save the day.

This natural compound balances the melanin production, thus fading out the discoloration. Besides relying on your skincare, it is also necessary to avoid things that may trigger the melanin imbalance, such as pollution and UV radiation.

3. Radiates Natural Glow

If you want a glowing complexion like Korean celebrities, vitamin C serum is the skincare product you need to commit to. After fixing your uneven skin tone, continued use of vitamin C will treat dullness. The active agent will also reduce redness caused by skin inflammation. Gradually, you will notice your skin brightens over time.

4. Boosts Collagen

Here is one of the best explanations on why Vitamin C can be a powerful anti-aging substance. It stimulates collagen production. It can even increase up to eight times higher! Collagen is crucial to maintain the smooth and supple surface of your skin. This is how you keep the wrinkles and sags away! 

5. Fight Off Free Radicals

Pollution and UV radiations are hard to avoid, but they are the major causes of various damages to your skin cells. Being a potent antioxidant, Vitamin C can effectively protect your skin from such harm by fighting off the free radicals carried by the toxins. This is another reason why vitamin C is a perfect solution to delay skin aging. 

6. Promotes Healing and Regeneration

Your skin cells regenerate every night while you sleep, and vitamin C can promote that process to get optimal results. That is why it is highly recommended to apply your vitamin C serum to your night skincare routine. It is magically rejuvenating! If you have redness or acne scars, this water-soluble nutrient will help to heal them faster.  

7. Moisturizing

One of the best derivatives of vitamin C is magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. Researchers found that this compound can inhibit transepidermal water loss on skin cells. It means your vitamin C product can retain the moisture on your skin. Thanks to this finding, now we can find many moisturizer creams enriched with vitamin C to boost their effectiveness. Put this on at night, and you will wake up with a pleasant supple feeling on your cheeks!

In shorter words, yes, Vitamin C does wonders to combat aging signs on your skin in many ways. It brings benefits to your complexion as much as it does to your body health. No other ingredients can be thus advantageous while also possessing minor-to-zero risks.


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