Dull skin? Add some Vitamin C into your winter skincare routine!

Dull skin? Add some Vitamin C into your winter skincare routine!

Dull skin? Add some Vitamin C into your winter skincare routine!

We all have this problem: during the winter days our skin starts to look dull and gray. I never heard anyone who don’t have this problem. The problem is that whenever the sun starts to appear less, your skin will notice it immediately. It is one of our most sensitive organ that will react when weather starts to change. Luckily, we as skincare lovers know what to do: add that glow with Vitamin C! Today I will tell you how much Vitamin C can do for your skin and which products we recommend to use for that even and glowy skin during the cold winter days.

Can season effect your skin?

When October starts, I always see my skin change in a weird way: my skin tone starts to get gray and uneven spots are more visible. That is when I know that I have to change something to my skincare routine. Vitamin C comes in many ways: serums, creams, masks and peelings. When you visit your skincare expert or dermatologist, they often offer you to do a Vitamin C peeling to create that glow and remove any excess dead skin cells. For those who have busy lives, may not have the time to go to a salon on a regular basis. 

But what does Vitamin C really ads to your skincare routine?

First of all, Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals. It helps the body to repair the damaged skin cells. When applied on the skin, it will trigger the acceleration of collagen and elastin production. On the long term it will make your skin plumper and firmer! But how do you achieve that glowy skin with Vitamin C? It contains a property that fights against melanin production, such as dark spots, hyperpigmentation and discoloration. Over the long term your dark spots will become less visible. 

How to use Vitamin C?

To get the most out of this ingredient, skincare experts say that the most effective product to use Vitamin C is a serum. A serum is more concentrated and therefore will have a huge impact on the skin. The best is to use the serum layered underneath a moisturizer and always end with a sunscreen (lesson 1: always wear sunscreen during the day!). I can’t say enough that sunscreen is probably the most important step of your skincare routine and will prevent your skin from everything that can damage it!

Some By MI Vitamin C Skincare

Some By Mi has a beautiful range of pure Vitamin C products. They offer the Some By Mi Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Toner and the Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum. When using them together you will achieve the best results during this winter, that’s why Coos Cosmetics is offering these two products in a special set.

The Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Toner and Serum

The Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Toner contains 88% Galactomois fermented water that locks in the moisture for your skin, and has antioxidant effect. 1% pure ascorbic acid makes the skin clear and protects it against ultraviolet rays. The Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum has a lower concentration of Galactomois 75% Fermented water than the toner but has a higher amount of pure ascorbic acid 3% thatit significantly lightens pigmentation but does not lighten normal skin. On the long term it will improve your skin texture for an even and healthy looking skin. 

The formula is free of artificial fragrance and colors, parabens, sulfates, animal products, mineral oil and silicone.

How to use them? Apply the toner on a cotton pad and gently wipe the skin starting from the inner to outer part of the face. Let the toner sink into the skin before you take the next step. Don’t forget the neck area! Apply 3 to 4 drops of the serum into the palm of your hands and apply it on the skin in patting motions. It is best to use Vitamin C as your night skincare routine. If use on day, complete your skincare routine and last step with a high SPF sunscreen.

For those with extremely sensitive skin, it’s recommended to do a small patch test on the side of your neck.

By An- @Thebeauparlour

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