Elizavecca Korean Skincare Brand That You Should Know

Elizavecca Korean Skincare Brand That You Should Know

Centella Asciatica, a “pharmacy in 1 herb”.

Some call it Gotu Kola or Tiger Grass. In India, it is called Brahmi or Manduka-parni. In K-beauty, where it earns a special place in the skincare community, it is fondly called cica. Its scientific name is Centella Asciatica and it is a herbacous plant which is native to the swampy regions in Asia. It grows well throughout the year in a wet temperate environment and has been used for centuries for its various medical claims. In Ayurveda, it is known to increase neural functioning such as memory and to cure skin diseases such as eczema.

In Chinese medicine, it is used to treat rheumatism and high blood pressure, among others. So how has it become so well-loved in skincare, especially among K-beauty enthusiasts? Because among its various benefits, it is known to soothe the skin, helps in skin regeneration and wound healing, and improve its elasticity and moisture barrier.

But how does C. Asciatica do it?

The answer lays in its active ingredients- madecassoside, asiaticoside, and triterpenoids. Various research studies has shown the efficacy of each compound, like the triterpenoids in accelerating tissue repair and inducing collagen deposition and madecassoside as a potent anti-oxidant and also a collagen inducer. Experiments with asiaticoside has shown it to be effective in inhibiting pro-inflammatory mediators. So the legend is scientifically proven to be true after all.

The brand Elizavecca

So when Elizavecca, a South Korean brand founded by Kim Hee Jun came out with a toner that is 100% Centella Asiatica, it didn’t come as a surprise for me. Elizavecca may be fairly new since it was only established in 2011, but its parent company MIZ Trade Inc, has been in the forefront of developing natural skincare products using modern production technologies since 1986. In fact, Elizavecca is one of the first South Korean brand which introduced BB creams, a multi-functional cream which works as a foundation, moisturizer and a sunscreen. Not only is the company dedicated in creating skincare products that are safe, efficient, and work at the cellular level of the skin but they also make sure that they are also environmental-friendly.

Elizavecca makes your skin care routine more fun.

For their packaging, they use non-toxic recyclable materials such as glass bottles instead of plastic, as much as they can. Elizavecca is not only popular in Asia for its high-quality and affordable products, it has gained traction in the West because of its innovations. Bubble mask to unclog your pores as well as entertain you at the same time, collagen jelly mask to leave you with a baby soft skin in 20 minutes, nose mask to peel those stubborn blackheads away, and all in a cute packaging to boot! They made skincare not only accessible to all but also a fun activity that it is no longer a chore to get out of the way but a ritual to look forward to.

Centella Asciatica 100%. And that’s how I find myself standing in-front of our bathroom mirror doing the 7 Skin Method, tap tapping away to a younger looking skin with my Centella Asciatica 100%. I have been using this toner for the past 3 months and my skin has been lapping up all the benefits from this “wonder herb”.

Firstly, I love the watery consistency of this toner, which absorbs almost immediately into the skin without leaving any kind of sticky after-feel. This kind of texture is the best to pair with any products and easy to transfer to a smaller container for travels. I pour it into an automizer and whenever my skin needs that burst of freshness, I simply spritz away.

Secondly, it does what it claims. It is a constant in both my morning and evening routine. It adds in that layer of hydration and works quite well in soothing my skin, specially when my mild rosacea decides to say hello. But of course, I don’t use it alone. I pair it with my treatment serums such as Vitamin C or retinoids and it works well with niacinamide as well. So you see, even if C. Asciatica is a powerhouse of an ingredient, it can be limited by what type of product (whether a toner, serum, or cream) it is produced as and the other ingredients it is mixed with. 100% C. Asciatica toners are great. A cica cream with a mixture of peptides, glycolic acid and vitamins is even better.

Milky Piggy Hell-pore Gold Essence

From green to gold. Over the years, more research has found the anti-aging benefits of gold. It has both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and when mixed with other ingredients such as botanical extracts, it’s going to take your skincare into the next level. Elizavecca once again didn’t fail us by coming out with their gold infused product. This Milky Piggy Hell-pore Gold Essence contains 24k gold powder in a mixture of “who’s who” in the skincare ingredients list. Niacinamide, allantoin, sodium hyaluronate, and glycerine are on the top of its list. And followed by rich botanical extracts from hyacinth, rosemary, chamomile and lavender, to name a few. This serum is a cocktail of ingredients aimed at conditioning the skin, plumping away the wrinkles, and bringing back your glow.

By Ester M.

Elizavecca Netherlands

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