Get To Know TOUN28 Eco-Friendly Natural Selfgrown Skincare

Get To Know TOUN28 Eco-Friendly Natural Selfgrown Skincare

Our skin health largely depends on the products that we use and the environment that we live in. TOUN28 is gaining massive traction lately because it makes quality vegan  and organic skincare products. If you are looking for a product that cares about your long-term skin health then you should try this brand. Besides, it is the first to make a recyclable paper package. Many said it was impossible but they succeeded after trying more than 500 times. TOUN28 also spends more on natural and high quality raw materials than it does with the packaging. 

TOUN28 Mission

The mission of the TOUN28 brand is to use modern technology to make quality skincare products. This brand aims at making the packaging 100% biodegradable, targeting to save animals from being killed. Two billion animals are killed every year due to swallowing dumped plastic garbage. It seeks to create healthy beauty products that benefit both the people and the environment. They truly wish consumers to support the movement towards protecting our nature.


Only the best and highest quality matters when it comes to TOUN28 skincare products.The brand uses only organic, hand-picked and carefully selected highest quality ingredients, some of which are self-grown and produced. All products are made with organic, steamed-distilled and cold-pressed essential oils, unrefined plant oils and butter. TOUN28 is dedicated to providing healthy organic skin care that is non-toxic. 


TOUN28 Organic Blue light & UV Screen B1 For Dry Skin is one of the world's first organic sunscreen that also protects you from blue light / HEV (High-energy visible light) and blocks ultraviolet rays which is one of the biggest cause of fast ageing. It has won the LoHB's sunscreen title and became a big hit in Korea. Made with organic ingredients that is completely safe to use for all skin types including sensitive skin. 


Organic Blue light & UV Screen B2 For Oily Skin protects you from blue light / HEV (High-energy visible light) and blocks ultraviolet rays. Blue light increases the active oxygen and is the biggest cause of skin aging. This sunscreen is certified to protect the skin from blue light using organic materials. It has a sun factor up to SPF 50+ PA ++++ and is a sunscreen for daily use. The cream also has the maximum FDA water repellency, so even on your very active days, you want to make sure it does not sweat off quickly.


If you have sensitive skin or suffering from skin redness then this is the product that you need. TOUN28 Trouble Care for sensitive skin is designed to calm redness and irritated skin while improving the skin elasticity and the appearance of the pores. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients such as Centella Asiatica Gotu Kola known for its antioxidant properties and rich of amino acid for soothing the upset skin which can improve healthy skin condition while delivering hydration to the skin. Perfect for irritated and sensitive skin as well as for for acne-prone skin.  


Is your skin oily and dehydrated?  TOUN28 Trouble Care for dehydrated oily skin works by removing excess oils from your skin and yet retaining the required amount of moisture. It contains 0% oil ingredients while delivering hydration to the skin. The main ingredients in this moisturizer include Salicylic Acid, Centella Asiatica, and Niacinamide, which helps to minimize pore build-up, soothe, and brighten the skin respectively.

TOUN28 WATERFUL LOTION Ceramide + Antarcticine

Step up your skincare game with TOUN28 Waterful Lotion Ceramide+ Antarcticine. It is the best lightweight but nourishing lotion you can ever find. It contains Ceramides and Squalane that help to keep wrinkles at bay. Besides, it contains other sought ingredients such as Ginseng root extract, Squalane, Chamomile, and Centella Asiatica. Another important ingredient found on this lotion is the Antarticine that helps to strengthen the moisture barrier in the skin.

TOUN28 pH Balancing Toner 

TOUN28 pH Balancing Toner is made with amino acids, sun salts, and organic hibiscus flower water helps to cleanse the skin of dead cells thoroughly while it reduces enlarged pores, leaving your skin with a softening effect. It is made with 100% highest quality natural ingredients. Your skin gets vulnerable to microbes after you wash your skin. This is why it is important to protect your skin in the first few seconds with a balancing toner to maintain its 5.5 pH level.

TOUN28 Hand Cleaning Gel

The best thing about vegan and organic K-beauty products is that is safe and effective. The TOUN28 hand cleaning gel  100% vegan and 99.99% effective against germs and bacteria. It contains 65% grain alcohol that helps to improve skin hygiene without irritating your skin. You can use it for cleansing your hands, whether you are at your office, outdoors or at home. What is great about TOUN28 hand gel is that it's non-sticky unlike other regular hand gels. Whether you are at your office, outdoors or at home, you can clean your hands anywhere, anytime without harming your delicate hands.

Wrap up

TOUN28 is rising into popularity fast because it uses modern technology when it comes to producing skincare products. Besides, they are also making the world a better place by making high quality and sustainable products using biodegradable packaging. Apart from caring for the environment, they make effective skincare products that is safe and suitable for whole family. What's not to love?

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