New Klairs Fundamental Line

New Klairs Fundamental Line

Klairs is one of the most popular brands that you can trust when it comes to taking care of your sensitive skin. Their products are simple and mild but yet very powerful. Whether you need to cleanse, moisturize, calm or soothe your skin Klairs simple line up is the best choice. This cruelty-free skincare brand released a new line of products – the fundamental line in a bid to improve our skin health.

The new Klairs fundamental Line is designed to remain active on your skin for a long time while adding healthiness at the same time. Besides these products are formulated using a high concentration of the most useful ingredients. Unlike the concept products that usually contain about 1% of useful products, the Klairs new fundamental line consists of 82% useful ingredients. This is why it produces strong autoxidizing and hydration effects. 

Let us look at some of the products incorporated in this new fundamental line from Klairs.

Klairs Fundamental Ampule Mist

If you have dry skin then this nourishing mist made from 82% green tea water extract is what you need. The green tea water is rich in antioxidants, nutrients, and also good in moisturizing the skin.

The Klairs Ampule Mist is a face spray designed to hydrate the skin for a healthy, dewy glow in a moment. At the same time, it doesn’t leave the surface of the skin feeling tacky or sticky, like many others do, and goes deep into the skin instead.

One of the main reasons this mist suits the fundamental line so perfectly is its effortless results which are so easy to achieve. It doesn’t require an extensive ritual or routine, making it very suitable for those with a busy lifestyle or even those who are just less committed to their skin.

It contains 82% Camellia Sinensis leaf water as well as cucumber, okra, and more to leave the skin feeling supple, soft, and hydrated. Not only do you experience the hydration benefits instantly, but the ingredients also work into your skin throughout the day to provide antioxidant care and other essential restorative properties.

Klairs Fundamental Gel Cream

For a light, gel moisturizer with noticeable results, go for the fundamental gel cream. Heavy, thick moisturizers are the worst, especially when they feel like they just 'sit' on the top of your skin, without really going deep. With Klairs Fundamental Gel Cream, you can get all the benefits of an intense product in a light formula perfect for all-day wear. This basic product is a necessity for all skin, and gel-like moisturizers are the best for providing this to all skin types alike.

Green tea is a common ingredient in Korean skincare, as it is natural and known for calming irritated areas and brightening the skin overall to give that fresh, glowy appearance. This genuinely refreshed look is very present in this fundamental line, which is great for people who are interested in rocking the ‘no makeup’ makeup look.

Just like the facial spray, this moisturizer also provides antioxidant care which looks after your skin during the day and protects it from potentially damaging effects. Oh, and you can use this in the winter and summer, so you don't have to worry about switching products between seasons.


  • Artificial coloring and fragrance-free
  • Recommended for all types of skins
  • Provides deep hydration and moisture
  • Protects your skin from the damaging effect
  • Contains green tea that helps to soothe irritation
  • Also suitable for no make-up rockers.

Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel 

If you want to maintain a clean and healthy eye are then Klairs Fundamental Eye Awakening Gel is an ideal option. The main ingredients that play a big role in cleaning and freshening your eye area are the red bean extract and caffeine.

This moisturizer is suitable for all kinds of skins and it helps improve the skin tone and dark circles while anti-oxidizing and de-puffing at the same time. Furthermore, this gel provides a refreshing finish by hydrating and applying a cool sensation. The most amazing thing about this gel is that it absorbs faster hence enabling you to take care of your eyes even when busy.

For those days when you wake up with bags and dark circles beneath your eyes, and you wish there was a solution, you'll be happy to hear they're finally is! The Klairs fundamental eye awakening gel is made for exactly that: depuffing and improving dark circles. If you have found yourself in this position, you’re probably in a rush, too (yes, these mornings just never seem to go the right way) so this is another reason why this eye cream is so perfect. It has quick absorption into the skin, so you never have to skip it on a busy day.

Caffeine doesn't only make you awake, but it can energize the skin too, making it perfect for this purpose. The ingredients also have a fresh cooling effect which can give you a nice relief and allow you to center yourself in the morning. Even just the slightest modification can help you get off to a better start.


  • Keeps the eye area clean and fresh thanks to the red bean extract and caffeine.
  • Improves the skin tone and dark circles
  • Helps with anti-oxidizing and de-puffing
  • Quick absorption
  • Provides a hydrating and cool sensation
  • Easy to use

Klairs Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter

Vitamins are vital when it comes to skin Protection. Klairs Fundamental Nourishing Eye Butter features sunflower seed oil Enriched with vitamin A and E. Apart from protecting your skin, this eye butter also improves the fine lines thanks to the peptides. This eye butter is suitable for all types of skins even for milium concern. Furthermore, it is absorbed quickly thanks to the soft butter-like texture. Apply an adequate amount of this nourishing product after cleansing.

You can apply it to other areas such as the neck if you want to improve elasticity and fine lines. Another great advantage of using this product is that it can be used right before making p. It will not make it cakey because it easily absorbs in the skin.

As you age, the skin, especially that around the eyes, loses collagen, one of the components which gives skin its bounciness. Even before you start to notice these effects of aging, you should start to take care of your eyes and the skin around them, as these tissues can experience damage more easily. That is exactly what this cream is for, using high-quality ingredients to protect the skin, and also improve fine lines.


  • Lightweight yet moisturizing
  • Enriched with both vitamin A and E for maximum skin protection
  • Contains peptides that improve the fine lines.
  • Ethanol, silicon oil, and artificial coloring free
  • Vegan friendly

Klairs Fundamental Water Oil Drop

If you want to reveal youthful skin and turn on an eternal glow then you need to try this Klairs Fundamental Water Oil Drop. It is easy to use and can work for any type of skin. Furthermore, this product is enriched with products such as Bifida Ferment Extract, Peptide, and Jeju Green Tea Water that help in anti-oxidation and regeneration.

As you're probably getting by now, this collection focuses on creating dewy, fresh, and young-looking skin and this is continued through the serum too. There are many benefits to using this, and it's a great multi-purpose solution.

The active ingredients work hard to repair and restore the skin too, making you look younger and healthier. You can reap all the claims from this serum and receive additional anti-aging benefits!


  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Works best for all types of skins
  • Stick free formula
  • Provides anti-oxidation and regeneration

Final thoughts

New Klairs' fundamental line consists of the most important ingredients hence making it very effective. The Klairs Fundamental range is a great minimalist collection of products suitable for all skin types, thanks to the gentle, versatile, and effective ingredients they feature. Not to mention, all the products work to create the same effect – a fresh, dewy base without any makeup – so they work together in perfect harmony. There isn't much to fault them on, and everything is cruelty-free and high-quality. If you are looking for your new favorite skincare collection to suit your skin, lifestyle, and ethics, look no further than the Klairs Fundamental line.







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