Brand Spotlight : Keenoniks

Brand Spotlight : Keenoniks

Keenoniks is a South Korean skin care company has made a name for itself around its emphasis on simple, natural, and effective ingredients.

The products offered by Keenoniks contain the highest possible concentration of active ingredients consistent with safety standards. In fact, unlike its competitors in the natural skin care niche, Keenoniks focuses on the balance of complementary ingredients rather than over-relying on just one key compound.  Those with sensitive skin can breathe a sigh of relief due to the fact that this company’s products are hypoallergenic making them perfect for all skin types. Ease of use is another key brand value as Keenoniks offerings are all designed with our busy lifestyles in mind. Keenoniks products are well-worth the value for anyone looking to level-up their skin care routine.

Keenoniks Fundamental Booster Ampoule-What if there was a product that could reactivate your skin’s innate power to create moisture? With this revolutionary Fundamental Booster Ampoule, we can now consider this a reality. This unique formulation, which includes ingredients such as glacial water from Whistler Mountain, is designed to let yourskin begin to reactivate its own stores of hyaluronic acid which naturally magnetizes moisture to the skin’s surface. In contrast to other ampoules on the market, Keenoniks prides itself on the fact that it uses a water-based formula with a reduced amount of artificial thickeners allowing for longer lasting effects. The result is that your skin will absorb moisture quickly without the stickiness which is often a by-product of other moisturizing agents on the market. 

Keenoniks Potentilla Calming Cream Toner- Tired of red, irritated skin? Keenoniks Potentilla Calming Cream Toner may be the perfect solution for you. The natural yellow color of this clever formulation as well as it soothing capabilities are derived from one of its key active ingredients: Potentilla ChinensisExtract. The roster of ingredients in this calming cream is ideal for people who want to retain moisture while also improving overall skin texture. At the same time, this cream increases your skin’s ability to absorb cosmetic ingredients and use them more efficiently by keeping them stable for a longer period of time. You’ll love the gentle exfoliating sensation that you’ll get with this cream and your sensitive skin will absolutely love regaining its ideal PH balance.

Keenoniks Camo Cleansing Pad-No nighttime skin cleansing routine would be complete without an effective way to remove the remnants of the day. These 100% natural, soft, cotton cleansing pads are an ideal solution for removing dirt, oil, impurities, and makeup. When you use this product, you will no longer risk having clogged pores due to dead skin cells and other residues as a result of other less effective cleansers. Environmental irritants are no match for this smartly formulated product which is designed to improve skin texture and hydration. First, simply wipe your cheeks and forehead with the embossed side of the pad to remove makeup. Then, turn it over and wipe once more. Unlike similar products, these innovative pads will not leave your skin dry and irritated. On the contrary, you will be amazed by just how soft and plump your skin will look after you incorporate this product into your nightly skin care routine.

Wonder Remedy Tube Intense Moisture Cream- Say goodbye to pesky blemishes with the Wonder Remedy Tube Intense Moisture Cream. Packaged in a sleek, aluminum tube, this beauty must-have combines the best of the old world wisdom with the new world technology to provide you with the ultimate defense against acne. With a wide variety of antioxidants and soothing compounds, your skin will regain a fresh and rejuvenated glow. Thanks to this cream’s superstar ingredient, Centella Asiatica Extract, you’ll be photoshoot ready in no time. Centella Asiatica has been long been used for its anti-inflammatory properties for cuts, burns, scratches and even eczema. In this potent formulation, CentellaAsiatica extract is combined with Glycerin which is a natural moisturizer known for being highly effective at maintaining our skin lipids in good order. This daily moisturizer proves that skincare doesn’t have to be complicated to make an impact. With continued use, this product will provide your skin with ongoing comfort and protection.

Easy & Convenient
Keenoniks focuses on formulations and packaging that are easy and more convenient to use. They are contemplating and making products that can be used quickly by implementing simple routines so that we do not miss skin care even in our busy daily life. 

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