Why You Need to Try Vegreen Skincare!

Why You Need to Try Vegreen Skincare!

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Are you looking for a new vegan and Korean skincare brand to upgrade your daily beauty routine?

If so, we highly recommend checking out Vegreen, they are currently available exclusively on our Korean skincare online boutique based in the Netherlands! Vegreen is a clean, natural, and vegan skincare brand that focuses on using raw vegetable materials for next level products. Safe and effective, this cosmetic brand puts the environment and your health first. New to this collection and want to learn more? Or maybe you’re a skincare addict who loves testing out new products? Well, stay tuned! Down below, we let you in on why Vegreen is a cosmetics brand we trust, love, and strongly suggest!

What You Need to Know!

Vegreen is an ethically focused Korean skincare brand that doesn’t test on animals or use any animal ingredients in their products. Vegan, natural, and discriminatory free, Vegreen uses pure and clean ingredients that are safe for you and the environment. Their sustainable packaging is eco-friendly and their products are top quality! They source their labels, boxes, and ink from materials that are safe for our planet. From their serums to their toners, you can trust the natural ingredients that are not only sensitive skin tested, but also effective. Taking giant steps in the right direction, Vegreen creates their skincare collection by focusing on what their customers’ want and need. Made, advertised, and sold without prejudice or discrimination! Vegreen’s purpose is to create a skincare line their customers can Love and trust.

Tell Me More!

From the brand’s sleek and minimalistic labeling, to its simplistic ingredients, there’s a reason we love message and products! Check out 3 of our favorite’s right now!

Fragrance-free Nature Mucin Serum

Are you looking to battle signs of aging? Well, if so, the Vegreen Mucin Serum is the perfect addition to your skincare routine! Containing 63% mucin from Wild Yam extract, this skin plumping serum improves skin elasticity, deeply hydrates, moisturizes, improves the appearance of wrinkles, and boosts skin vitality! Suitable for all skin types, add this vegan friendly phytomucin rich serum into your daily self-care routine to strengthen your skin barrier! Apply 1-2 pumps after using your favorite toner morning and night, gently pat onto your skin for best results.

Alcohol-Free Nature Mucin Toner

Instantly plump and rejuvenate your appearance, while restoring and improving tired looking skin, with this Alcohol-free Nature Mucin Toner by Vegreen. Intensely moisturize and hydrate your dry complexion, while strengthening your skin’s elasticity with its high volumes of Wild Yam extract. Containing hyaluronic acid, Vegreen’s alcohol-free toner will promote a plump and glowing appearance! Feel good and look good while strengthening your skin barrier with the added benefits of Pantenol. Suitable for all skin types, including individuals with sensitive skin. Apply after cleansing your face with your favorite cleanser. Gently pat it in with a cotton pad, or even with your palm! Repeat daily for best results.

730 Daily Moisture Cream

Non-comedogenic and lightweight, this cream is the perfect moisturizer regardless of the time of year. With the amino acid Arginine, this intensive hydrating cream can protect your skin from free radicals, encourage collagen production, and battle signs of aging. Including the powerhouse squalene, your skin will look plump, youthful, and hydrated all day long! Thanks to its antioxidant properties, the Vegreen 730 Daily Moisture Cream soothes, repairs, and rejuvenates dry and damaged skin. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive! Apply Vegreen’s cream as the last step to your skincare routine, after your toners and serums. Reapply as needed!

Final Thoughts

Vegreen is a brand that dedicates themselves to delivering their customers clean and minimalistic products. Sourcing natural, safe, and effective ingredients sets this skincare brand above the rest. If you’re looking for a Korean, cruelty-free, vegan, and all-natural skincare line, then Vegreen is the one for you! We highly suggest checking them out, as we guarantee their innovative products will blow your mind and help you reach your beauty goals! Check them out here.

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Interesting brand! It’s definitely on my wishlist.

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