Clean Beauty, Vegan Beauty and Natural Beauty: What Does it Mean?

Clean Beauty, Vegan Beauty and Natural Beauty: What Does it Mean?

At COOS Cosmetics, we take great pride in hand-picking our products to ensure that they meet the needs of our customers. As the cosmetics industry has taken steps to further promote products that are sustainable and healthy, many terms have come into use that may somewhat confuse customers. Today, we will discuss the difference between clean beauty, vegan beauty, and natural beauty.

Clean Beauty

Clean beauty may sound like a bit of an odd term. After all, aren’t all products clean? When you hear the phrase clean beauty, you can rest assured that the products in these lines are free from things like sulphates, silicones, parabens, pesticides, petroleum products, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colouring. In other words, clean beauty products can be trusted to not have synthetic aspects. This can protect you from harsh chemicals and potentially avoid allergic reactions. These products are great for sensitive skin particularly.

Vegan Beauty

Vegan beauty is likely the term that is easiest to guess the meaning. As you would expect, vegan beauty products contain no animal by-products or animal extracts. Furthermore, these products are never tested on animals. Investing in vegan beauty products means that you can rest assured that no animals were harmed in making these products, an important consideration for many customers. However, there are often no rules regarding this label, so be sure to check the reputation of a company.

Natural Beauty

Natural beauty refers to cosmetics made with natural products. However, there is a bit of a disclaimer on this too as many companies claim their products are “natural” if they have just a few natural ingredients. Thus, the best way to determine if a product is really a true natural beauty product is to look at the ingredients list on the back. In true natural products, you should see botanical ingredients towards the front and any synthetic ones at the end, used in trace amounts.

Safe & Animal-friendly

COOS Cosmetics, we understand that our customers want the best products on their skin. This is why we carefully hand-pick and curate our lines to ensure that all our products are safe and effective. We particularly specialize in natural, clean, and plant-based products that are always 100% cruelty-free.

Thus, when look for products from COOS Cosmetics, you can rest assured that you can easily find products from these categories. We have an extensive line of vegan skincare products that are natural and clean.

Our Focus

Additionally, our focus on ensuring only the highest quality ingredients means that we have products that will address your specific needs. Whether you have dry, oily, or typical skin, you’ll find products customized to you. If you have specific concerns that you’d like to address such as acne, sensitive skin, or wrinkles, we have products that can naturally address these issues to provide you with an enhanced skincare regimen that will leave your skin feeling refreshed while you can trust that everything that touches you is all natural. Not enough? Simply contact us via our live chat, whatsapp chat or email. 


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