12 Best Korean Skincare Hacks That You Should Know

12 Best Korean Skincare Hacks That You Should Know

Korean beauty practices have hit the mainstream and Korean skincare products are undoubtedly one of the best in the world. However, there are many hacks devised to make these products even more effective and long-lasting by using skin-preserving techniques and methods. 

We have listed some of the top Korean skincare hacks that can help transform the skin. Stay tuned to the end and get to know Korean beauty secrets that we have tried and tested. 

1. 10-second rule

This hack does not involve picking up dropped food in 10 seconds. It is a South Korean skincare hack that is used when applying the skin products as a general rule of thumb. The Korean skincare experts found out that the best time to apply toners was within 10 seconds after taking a shower or washing your face. 

This is also the perfect time to apply serum and a moisturizer. The 10-second rule is an important hack because it is at this moment that the skin is more receptive to skincare products. All the pores are open within 10 seconds, giving you a chance to apply your products that will get absorbed deeper into the skin, and you will see faster, better results.

2. Drink barley tea

There is nutty-tasting tea that is served in most of the Korean restaurants. It’s known as Korean barley tea ( boricha), and it’s also widely used to improve the well-being of Korean babies and fortify their skins. We love it! 

Drinking barley tea improves blood circulation, according to one study. Furthermore, it contains antioxidants, which are vital when it comes to skincare. Nothing can go wrong with drinking barley tea as it also helps in weight loss. For those who don’t travel to South-Korea and since we can’t travel anytime soon. You can find it via Amazon or at the local Korean groceries store. 

3. Double cleansing

One of the most important steps as far as the skincare routine is face cleansing. We highly recommend double cleansing, especially when one has applied to make up. This helps to get rid of the junk, blocking the pores completely.

The first step involves using an oil-based cleanser to remove the make-up, stubborn dirt, airborn bacteria and debris effectively. Then the second step involves using cleansing foam to remove any impurities by deeply cleaning the pores. This technique is used to prevent from aging faster and getting breakouts.

4. Skip the towels

The towel hides a lot of bacteria, more than you can imagine. Some remain hidden even after washing and drying the towel several times. Besides, it’s not advisable to use harsh chemicals to clean them as they can harm the skin.

This is the reason why most Korans air-dry their face after cleansing. Air drying is the best method since the skin does not contact any bacteria that is harmful.

5. Washing the face with rice water

Washing the skin with rice water is not a new hack by the Korean beauty gurus but rather a tradition. Some of these hacks are not new as they were devised in the early days. Washing your face with rice-infused water might sound a little odd, but rice is a traditional beauty ingredient that's been passed down through the generations.

The benefits that the skin gets from rice water are immeasurable. Some of its benefits include brightening skin complexion, easing skin irritation, moisturizing, minimize pores, and sun damage protection.

6. Try a lip oil

Dry lips can be caused by exposure to a different environment, spicy foods, dry or cold weather, and licking. But the most common cause is sun drying. Luckily, Lip oil can be used as a preventive or treatment measure. The best thing about lip oil is that it hydrates the lips and doesn’t stick like lip balm.

7. Steam massage

We know that steam can help to open pores and loosen dirt, so a facial steam massage in shower to give your skin an extra bit of TLC. Facial steam massaging also helps to improve blood flow, which in turn helps to eliminate waste products.

This method leaves the skin fresh and healthy. Furthermore, an oil cleanser can be used during this process to keep the skin hydrated. Simple massage face with fingers in circular motion,  rotating motions starting with your forehead, then cheekbones, cheeks, and working down to the jawbone.

8. Charcoal sheet mask

Charcoal is not a new hack in the beauty industry. It is also used to kill bacteria and whiten the teeth. In skincare, activated charcoal is used alongside a sheet mask to draw impurities from the skin. This is a simple hack to get rid of acne. Charcoal is the best remedy for eliminating acne since it helps in eliminating toxic elements from the skin.

Making a DIY face mask using charcoal is very easy. Mix charcoal powder, aloe Vera gel, and water in equal quantities to make an effective face mask. This hack should not be used very often since it can dry the skin. Once per week or month is enough depending on the type of skin.

9. 7 Skin Method

This K-beauty technique involves patting seven layers of toner onto your face and it has been a major splash in the beauty community. It’s a popular Korean skincare trend for hydrated skin. These multiple layers of toner work to keep skin plump and hydrated while you apply the rest of your products, which are able to absorb more efficiently on damp skin. 

Every skin type can benefit from layering toner, but it’s particularly great for anyone feeling extra dry. It is very important to choose the right toner. Avoid alcohol based toner or any toner that contains fragrances and harsh ingredients as it can strip off the natural oil and irritate the skin, instead use a mild and watery toner.

10. Essences are great

Essences are excellent products for brightening the skin. Besides, they also play a significant role when it comes to the 10-step Korean skincare routine. Essences can also help to hydrate the skin as well as provide it with essential vitamins. First, the face is cleaned, then an essence is applied, followed by the serum and then moisturizer that helps keep the skin smooth and supple.

11. Skin massage

The best way to keep skin healthy is to improve blood circulation. This is the main reason why Koreans apply their products in light massages and circular motions. Besides, in South Korea, they have many facial massage skin clinics around all the corners. However, one can save costs and time by self-massaging.

12. Hang up towels

Towels are essential when it comes to Korean skincare. They use damped towels to prevent dry air and also hydrate the skin during the winter months. These damped towels come in handy with a shower and air drying. Hanging wet towels in the room during winter helps to humidify the skin.

Final thoughts

Korea has taken the lead as the new skincare superpower and K-Beauty is the innovation driver within the cosmetics industry. We hold Korean women in high regard when it comes to beauty trends, tips and tricks. From past to present, women around the world have always been amazed at the beautiful and flawless skin of Korean women.

The hacks mentioned in this article can help transform the skin. Some of these hacks have been used since the early days, and they have remained effective today. Besides, the researchers have come up with scientific proof showing why these hacks are useful. We always strive to provide you with the best Korean beauty contents and beauty products to help you take care of your skin. 

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